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Auxiliary Power Units/Generator Sets      

PC6011 Carrier APU with shore power option
PC6015 Carrier Climate Control System
The carrier APU offers self-contained full-function auxiliary power in a shock resistant chassis-mount design. All other components are electrically operated and located away from the road to protect them from harsh road conditions. This innovative hybrid diesel-electric system saves fuel, runs quieter than the truck, and directly powers all cab accessories. It provides 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, and 10,000 BTUs of heat. An optional Shore Power Connection enables the unit to switch over to 110/120-volt household power at electrified truck stops and rest areas. The complete system weighs 460 lbs, is backed by a 2 year, 4000 hour warranty, and supported by the Carrier Transicold nationwide network of APU service centers. The PC6015 is the HVAC only without the engine or generator and is 100% electrically driven from Shorepower. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Centramatic Model Gen 1.1 APU
The Centramatic APU is powered by a 2 cylinder Kubota 13.9hp water cooled engine. The air conditioner is self-contained and runs off of the APU or from shore power. More than 14,000 BTUs of cooling are produced by a high capacity 110 volt electric compressor. Cold air is delivered by a multi-speed high capacity 450 cfm fan to reduce air stratification in sleeper. Microprocessor controlled high temperature and low oil pressure automatic shut downs are built in for system protection. Optional shore power allows full function of cab conveniences, and compliance with CARB and EPA idling regulations. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

PC6012 ComfortPro APU with shore power option
PC6015 IMPCO Climate Control System
IMPCO has designed ComfortPro to perform everyday no matter where you are in North America. ComfortPro has the capacity to cool your sleeper, or warm your sleeper, and your engine. The ComfortPro uses a Kubota Z482 2 cylinder diesel engine with a 1,000 hour oil drain interval. The 4,000W 120VAC generator combines with a 60 amp alternator and shore power capability to ensure reliable performance without drawing down your battery. The Clear Sky Diesel particulate filter is certified by the California Air Resources Board. It automatically regenerates so your driver does not have to get involved. ComfortPro is CARB certified and EPA verified. Since 2006 IMPCO has worked with Carrier Transicold as its exclusive aftermarket sales, service, parts and warranty channel. Over 20,000 units have been installed through the Carrier Relationship and service is available through any Carrier Transicold Dealer location. ComfortPro comes with a 2 year / 4,000 hour warranty. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

DPS 6500 APU
The Diamond Power APU is fully contained in a shock-resistant weatherproof compartment that mounts directly to the frame rail. Diamond Power's advanced "Co-Pilot Design" control panel gives the driver easy access to control all features including start/stop, battery charging and monitoring, and heat and air conditioning from inside the cab or sleeper. Weather tight, removable panels provide immediate access to serviceable components. The 6.5 KW system provides 15,000 BTUS of heating and air conditioning. A shorepower option allows use of electric plug-in power at truck stops and rest areas, and the 2 year warranty is backed by nationwide service & parts availability. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Dynasys APU
Hodyon’s Dynasys APU is protected in its own weatherproof enclosure and externally mounted on the truck rail. The mounting system offers maximum flexibility to accommodate all current Class 8 truck frames and can be located on either side of the truck and behind fairings. Installation times are among the fastest in the industry. It utilizes R134a hermetic-style A/C and electric heating to provide year-round comfort, with 12,000 BTU of cooling and heating. A belt-driven generator supplies 6000W of 120V power to run appliances. A Shore power option is available as well. Weighing in at 385 lbs, the Dynasys provides dependable comfort during down times, reduces emissions, and dramatically lowers fuel costs. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

LifeForce offers several propane operated A/C units ranging from a 8,500 BTU bunk unit to a 14,500 BTU split unit. The A/C unit is matched to the needs of the truck and high efficient PTC Technology heaters are used to self-regulate current draw as temperature increases for lower operating costs. At 170 lbs. it is, perhaps the lightest APU on the market. With 3,400 watts of continuous 120 VAC power, this Generac Power Systems genset provides plenty of power and has been thoroughly tested and proven for years, over millions of miles on RVs. Propane is available at over 900 truck stops across the U.S. That’s one for every 50 miles of freeway. Systems come with a two year warranty and options for a 30 amp battery charger and shore power for truck stop parking. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

IdleTime 4500-300 APU
IdleTime 4500-400 APU
The IdleTime model 4500 APU delivers 4000 watts with 60 amps of battery charging shore power capability through a Caterpillar Tier 3 Interim 4 engine. Low engine RPM results in quiet operation (75 dB @ 3 meters). The APU and HVAC together weigh 510 lbs, carry a 2 year/4000 hour warranty and uses just 0.15 gallons of fuel per hour. Available with 4000 BTU or 8000 BTU heating and 14,000 BTU cooling in back wall or rooftop configurations. The 300 and 400 model designation is a controller option. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

CD8000Si Power APU
TPU-7000 Power Pac
PT-3000 Step Box Power Pac
Power Tech offers three system configurations. The CD8000Si uses a 4 pole synchronous generator to deliver 8000 watts and 66 amps at 120 volts and 1800 RPM. The CD8000Si weighs 425 lbs and has a 3 year/2000 hour warranty. The TP-7000 delivers 7000 watts through a brushless AC generator and weighs 475 lbs. The PT-3000 is available as a step box or mounts on the frame rail. The 2 pole brushless 3000 watt generator has a 2 year/1000 hour warranty. All units are available with a 14,000 BTU DOMETIC HVAC system and shore power capability. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

The GEN-STAR 4500 uses a Perkins engine, runs at less than 2000 RPM, weighs 287 lbs and has a two year factory warranty. The system features 4000 BTUs or 8000 BTUs of heating, 14,000 BTUs of cooling, a large radiator cooling capacity, washable air filter and double capacity oil pan. Shorepower comes standard with this APU. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Battery Air Conditioning Systems      

NITE Phoenix
NITE Day Cab
Factory installed Freightliner ParkSmart
Factory installed Navistar MaxxPower
Factory installed Peterbilt unit
Bergstrom, Inc. offers several NITE System configurations for long-haul applications. The NITE Plus uses new heat exchangers and a redesigned airflow for 30 percent higher cooling capacity while using less battery power. The PHOENIX System incorporates an LCD display, battery monitoring system, automatic temperature control, increased efficiency and more BTUs. Bergstrom also markets a battery-powered split air conditioning system called the NITE Day Cab No-Idle System. NITE products that are factory installed at Freightliner, Navistar and Peterbilt may be eligible for TSE rebates. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

ClimaCab is SmartWay verified and features a power management system that provides more than twelve hours of idle-free temperature control. The ClimaCab 3.0 is now produced by Crosspoint Solutions continuously monitors charging conditions and adjusts the variable-speed compressor as required to allow the most efficient performance. The Start AssistTM feature allows energy transfer from the four APU batteries to the truck batteries, eliminating the need for jump starts. The system requires no ducting, saving space under the bunk and streamlining installations. No ducting also means you get 100% of the fan’s rated CFM. The ClimaCab delivers 8,000 BTUs of cooling, can be ordered with a shorepower (electric standby) plug-in option and integrates with a fuel-fired bunk heater. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Comfort Cab HVAC Model 100M
The Comfort Cab battery operated truck cab HVAC system is available from NAS, LLC. The Comfort Cab operates entirely from battery power or from the electrical power grid when run on the shore power option. There are zero emissions and no fuel used during idle time. The system uses dedicated batteries (6) to deliver 10 hours of heating or cooling without the truck engine running. The system delivers 5,050 BTUs of cooling, 1,200 watts of heating and 2,000 watt of AC power (4,000 watt peak). Installation is easy and the system comes with a 2 year warranty. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

MiniCool Compact Roof-mount
Rencool RTK5 Roof-mount
MiniCool Dinamic Wall-mount
Rencool RDK4 Wall-mount
Split Line A/C
COOLMOVES offers a selection of wall, roof and rail mount battery-powered air conditioning systems for long-haul applications. The Minicool Dinamic (3,600 BTU) wall-mount and Rencool RDK4 (14,000 BTU) Rail-mount systems provide light-weight economical cooling with low cost operation that are CARB approved and EPA SmartWay verified. The Minicool Compact (4,700 or 7,000 BTU) and Rencool RTK5 (18,000 BTU) roof-mount systems are light-weight and low profile solutions for any cab and sleeper sizes. COOLMOVES also offers a versatile Split-Line system (6,880 BTU) that is low maintenance and can be adapted to the specific needs of the user and space in the cab. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Diamond Power Systems offers 10,000 BTU and 13,500 BTU battery powered air conditioning systems, using AGM batteries readily available nationwide. The DPS10K operates for about 10 hrs (on 4 batteries) while the DPS135K operates for about 10 hrs. (on 6 batteries). The DPS135K unit also includes a battery charger and shore power as standard equipment, with a total weight of just 185 lbs (plus 4 batteries). Shorepower is an option on the DPS10K. Both have two year warranties and are CARB compliant and EPA SmartWay verified technologies. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Dometic offers A/C systems for Sleepers (7,000, 10,000, and 14,000 BTUs) and Day Cabs (7,000 BTUs). The systems run on 120VAC electricity, which is supplied by an onboard bank of AGM batteries using a 2,000 watt inverter, and can also run on 115-volt electricity from a shore power hookup. No separate diesel genset or other internal combustion engine is involved. The batteries are automatically recharged by a high capacity alternator whenever the truck is running, or from shorepower when the engine is at rest. The A/C system components come in a range of models and capacities designed to meet each truck’s load requirements, space constraints and usage patterns - patented split systems and self-contained package units are available. The self-contained units are designed to be wholly mounted inside the truck with all of the air conditioning components on a single chassis with an aluminum cover. Both types of systems can be ordered with built-in electric heat modules, or can be used with a diesel-fired heater under control of the same thermostat. The Sleeper models run on battery power for a minimum of 10 hrs. and cool the whole sleeper compartment, while the Day Cab units offer 1.5 hrs of service. Dometic A/C systems are quiet, consume no fuel, produce no emissions, and are virtually maintenance free. All equipment is CARB compliant and EPA SmartWay verified technology. Dometic products are backed by a nationwide network of sales and service locations. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

HA-12VDC configurations
A choice of three basic models of Arctic Breeze A/C systems are available to fit to all leading truck makes and models for day-cab or sleeper cab cooling. The 12volt battery operated systems provide 8000 BTUs or 10,000 BTUs of cooling and can be fitted with an optional electric heat setup. Based on a duty cycle of 50-60%, standard units consume only 350 watt/hr on average. Powered by 4 to 6 Brute Force AGM truck batteries, Arctic BREEZE provides from 8 to 16 hours of cooling. Arctic BREEZE systems are quiet, light weight and emit zero emissions – meeting all idling regulations. The 1 year warranty can be extended to 2 years for component failures. Manufacturers warranty on batteries. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

IdleFree electric APU
The Idle Free electric APU can be used on any brand of truck and can be customized to your driving conditions. All systems include 120V AC GFI protected outlets, produce 10,000 BTUs of cooling and 17,000 BTUs of heating for over 10 hours of run time, 4 AGM batteries, battery chargers, shorepower capability and a 2 year warranty. Idle Free is the only company offering the patented Reefer Link technology that converts energy from the TRU’s alternator and delivers a constant source of AC power through a pure sine wave inverter for unlimited run time. System weight is 430lbs with batteries and 150lbs for the Reefer link technology. CARB and EPA SmartWay approved. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

IMPCO ClearSky Battery HVAC with elec. standby
The Clear Sky Battery Climate Control System from IMPCO is a battery driven APU that provides air conditioning and electrical power for cab appliances. Up to 8 hours of 6,150 BTUs of air conditioning are available from the recommended 4 Trojan Overdrive AGM batteries. The optional shore power kit offers the ability to utilize any 110/120v electrical outlet to provide air conditioning and battery charging without the need for using the battery bank. Dual multi-step low voltage compressors adjust output to meet demand while maximizing battery life. While on the road the tractor’s existing alternator recharges the batteries, which can also be used for additional truck starting power if the main engine battery is low. The clean, emission-free operation means ClearSky is both CARB and EPA compliant. Service is provided by the Carrier Transicold nationwide dealer network. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Sleeping Well Arctic 2000
Sleeping Well OBLO
The all-electric Sleeping Well A/C systems are eligible in two different models. The OBLO provides up to 3,250 BTUs and consists of a single, self- contained, pre-charged A/C system providing simple through-the-roof installation on most trucks. It is designed for use in day cabs or small sleeper trucks. The SW2000 provides up to 6,150 BTUs using four deep cycle batteries, consisting of an easy to install three piece system for use on trucks with larger sleepers travelling into the hottest climates. Both systems use 12VDC Danfoss compressors that are both safer and quieter than 110VAC compressors that operate with an inverter. All are CARB compliant and Smartway approved. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

The TriPac-E is an electric, battery-based APU system which runs clean, emission-free, and significantly quieter than engine-based APU systems. Thermo King designed the TriPac-E system to meet all idling regulations nationwide, including CARB requirements. It provides truck cab electric power and sleeper climate control with 7,200 BTU of cooling capacity - with options for inverter, shorepower converter, and heater (heating capacity 7,500 BTU). The system is backed by the Thermo King dealer network, which provides expert installation, factory-certified technicians and genuine OEM parts at over 200 locations across North America. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Blue Cool Hybrid Bunk Cooler - BCTRUCK28B
Blue Cool Hybrid Bunk Cooler with Air Heater - BCTRUCK38B
Webasto’s BlueCool Hybrid features long-duration cooling and hotel-load capabilities of a diesel powered auxiliary power unit without engine idling, diesel particulate filters, or dedicated deep-cycle batteries. It connects directly to a standard 120V AC land-based power source, and provides indefinite cooling. The bunk cooling system produces cool air using thermal energy stored in a frozen graphite/water matrix, and produces 17,000 BTUs of thermal storage capacity. All electrical components are included – 20amp power cord, junction box, 30amp battery charger, and a 120V AC GFCI receptacle for the vehicle interior. It is also fully functional without shore power and will run for up to 10 hours using energy that was stored from driving the truck. Weighing just 326 lbs, and offering a 3 yr warranty, this innovative product is SmartWay verified and CARB approved. Installation and service is available through more than 200 locations in the United States and Canada. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Evaporative Coolers      

Bycool Revolution
Bycool Mochila
Evaporative coolers offer an effective low cost alternative to air conditioners in dryer climates. The Bycool Mochila is a stand-alone engine-off wall-mounted system. The Bycool Revolution is a roof-mounted version system. Each requires only fresh water and battery power to operate. The user controls fan speed and the amount of water delivered to an evaporating filter. Both systems produce 16,000 BTUs of cooling capacity, require 8.4A max and generate 530 CFM of air movement. Units are CARB and EPA SmartWay approved. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Plug-In Adapter Kits

8500633 CAB POWER Basic Kit with 1 outlet
The Phillips and Temro Cab Power System is a series of pre-wired, modular components for cabs and sleepers of over-the-road trucks and service vehicles. The system provides connection to grid power and distribution of 120 Volt AC power at 20 Amp capacity to run standard household appliances and equipment without the need to keep the truck engine running. Basic system includes: load center with GFCI, weatherproof housing, interior outlet, 54” interior power cord, 85” exterior power cord, grommet and fastener kit. All components are CSA and UL approved. These kits provide an easy and affordable way to reduce engine or APU idle time, saving money through reduced fuel consumption and engine wear. For more information on the specifications and dealer locations CLICK HERE

Lectro-Link 40-0010-354 w/ single outlet
The Lectro-Link from Phillips Industries is a state-of-art master cab module providing safe and easy connection to 120 volt AC shore power and distribution of power to cab appliances and equipment. It features a chrome-plated receptacle for exterior cab mounting, and a cab interior 120 volt AC outlet with harnesses. The load center includes a GFCI and an On/Off master switch – all components are CSA/UL approved. All weatherproof construction of the modular plug-ins makes installation simple. The Lectro-Link helps extend engine life and decrease fuel costs by reducing engine idling. For more information about the Lectro-Link, visit:  CLICK HERE